Stewart, NYC: I have been a client and faithful fan of Rick’s for the five plus years I’ve lived and worked in NYC. Rick is an experienced and trained professional massage therapist. He is friendly, respectful and responsive to my needs. His studio is clean and warm and conveniently located near the 110 subway station on 2/3 lines. He is intuitive and always identifies my areas of trouble before I point them out and he checks often on how I’m responding to his level of pressure. He has provided relief for my congenital hip problems and always releases the areas that are stuck or sore. He is simply the best massage therapist I’ve ever experienced and I recommend him wholeheartedly. And he’s got great taste in music which always adds to the experience.

Francis, NYC: I’ve been going to Rick exclusively for quite some time now. His professional training and intuition guarantee an amazing massage. He isn’t someone who just decided to put up a hot pic and say he does massage. He uses different modalities and techniques to provide a great massage each time. Always leave relaxed and feeling better. Easy to get to at the top of central park and the studio is comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommend him!!!!

Drake, NYC: Rick has magic hands! I was enveloped by his warmth and strength and totally let go. I immediately trusted his intuitive touch and his solid presence was like a meditation unto its self. I’m so glad to have found him! I’m very much looking forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend him. And, he’s way handsomer in person than in his photos.

Jr: NYC: That was, by FAR, the best massage I’ve ever had, Hands Down! Never have I experienced such attention to detail. I dated a massage therapist and I’m a MT as well. Still, Rick used techniques I feel I couldn’t replicate after practicing for 15 years. I’ve had dozens of massages and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to leave a review. Just. Special. I see why he has 90% return rate.

Rob: New York, NY (in-studio)
Hands down, the best massage I’ve ever had, seriously. It was 90 blissful minutes! Rick’s training and knowledge of the anatomy is very apparent. I have arthritis and a hip injury (which he remembered from several months ago) and he was very mindful of this. He tailored the massage really well to my personal needs. His touch ranges from powerful at times to feather light. I noticed he keeps both hands on the body most of the time which is very nice. He was great with intuitively knowing what felt good to me and focusing on those areas. His set-up is warm and relaxing with a very comfortable table. Very reasonable rates too!


Ed (Midtown) As a longtime massage addict, please trust me when I say that Rick offers an AMAZING massage, one that goes profoundly deep to remove any tension in your body, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and renewed. His touch is extremely strong yet soft and sensitive all at once. He is also one of the most innovative masseurs I’ve ever met, someone who always surprises me in extraordinary ways with innovative techniques. Whenever he gets his hands on me, I find myself lost between being fully present in my body and drifting off into nebulous bliss. Cannot recommend highly enough!  – Ed

Russell (UWS) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The first time I went for a massage with Rick, it was late, I was stressed and ached all over, and I was pleasantly surprised he was available to see me on very short notice. He put me at ease, offered me a hot shower, and set up a very comfortable treatment room. I left feeling relaxed from head to toe and had the best night’s sleep. Rick’s techniques are inventive and effective, sometimes working on two different areas simultaneously, varying the pressure in ways that allowed him to squeeze the tension out of knots I didn’t think were going to budge. I’ve been back for a number of sessions since, and I consistently feel better after I’ve seen him. I’m looking forward to the next time!

Bob (UWS) Rick was very easy to get to. Lives in an elevator building and has a great space for massage. I have had many massages in NYC and around the world and Rick gave me one of the best. I was amazed how fluid his touch was. And his technique was simply amazing. While he was doing Shiatzu on my feet he was able to perform Swedish on my hamstring at the same time. It was almost like I had a four handed massage. Words can not describe how great I feel. I highly recommend Rick. You will not be disappointed.

Marcus (Bronx) Always gives amazing massages and caters to everyone’s needs. I always wake up feeling great the next day and very relaxed. I highly recommend Rick for a brilliant Massage.

Jacob (UWS) I’ve been receiving Rick’s massages for over 10 years. He’s simply the best masseur I’ve ever known. His rates are reasonable. He’s extremely polite and professional. When he’s finished with you, you feel like a whole new person. I definitely recommend anyone to go get a massage from him. You won’t be disappointed!

Pharoah (Soho) It was a deep tissue massahe and as usual, it was wonderful. It relaxes me, sometimes to the point I am falling asleep, and afterward I walk out feeling renewed. Heck, just writing this has me wanting to book another massage ASAP.

Marco (Queens) Have been to Rick a few times now- and plan on going back again!He is a trained / certified masseur who truly knows his craft. I like a deep tissue massage and he delivers- though checking in frequently to make sure the pressure was right. He is intuitive and knows just how to work on the parts that really need attention. His apartment is easy to get to, has a devoted comfortable room for the massage and always plays an eclectic relaxing intriguing mix of music. His table has arm rests at the head of the table which really help during work on the upper back and arms. His stretches are great and though he never talks about reiki- it often feels like there is some sort of energy work going on also. He is now my go to guy for massage and I truly recommend him without hesitation. a 10 out of 10!

Jeffrey (Hamilton Heights) Rick provides a thorough and professional massage that exceeded my expectations both times I have been to him. His technique is unique, facilitated by his strength, experience, creativity and repertoire of skills. The massage room is quiet, private and comfortable. He is easy to find, very close to the 2/3 subway stop. In short: highly recommended

Sam (Los Angeles) This was my third massage with Rick. He is a very talented massage therapist with a talent for finding the sore spots and bringing relief to any pain you might be having. I felt cared for and in good hands as I always do with Rick. He is a good communicator and always asks if you are comfortable and to let him know if you don’t like anything. I will be booking another appointment soon because I’ve been traveling and need to get back in alignment and ready for the work week.

Marc (UES) I’m so happy I found Rick this past summer. He gives a strong and sensitive massage and provides a clean and relaxing environment thinking of everything the client might need. I will definitely be back.

Juanita (Midtown) Rick is a master at what he does. His massage will take you out of your mind and body and bring you back to your body and soul. He knows musculature, skeleton, and your parasympathetic nervous system such that he listens to your body throughout the massage and puts tremendous energy into relaxing you and making you feel good. If only I could have this more often…! Details wise, his place is private and the massage studio is in a harmonious separate area. Warm shower and fluffy towels await… as well as his incredible hands.

Tyson (Brooklyn) Rick gave me an hour long massage. My head was spinning afterward from being totally relaxed and blissed out. The music, the hot oils, his amazing reservoir of techniques, great conversation skills were all conducive to an amazing experience.

Tom (New Jersey) Rick is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. You can tell from the first few minutes that he knows exactly what he’s doing. He listens to what your concerns are and his skilled, strong hands intuitively know exactly what your body needs. The private massage room is comfortable and quiet and fosters a peaceful and relaxing experience. He certainly knows what he’s doing and I highly recommend him- you won’t be disappointed.

Jason (Chelsea) Rick is the best kept secret ! My latest massage was physically intense, with lots of pressure and stretching, but also utterly relaxing from start to finish. How does he do that? His big, warm hands help, but Rick is deeply grounded and caring. The moment I’m on his table I relax in his trusty care. He is amazing.

Allen (Harlem) Rick is amazing. I don’t often get to come home to New York because of a stressful job, but when I do I always make an appointment with him. The massage is always good and intense and Rick is very skilled and caring. The ambiance of his studio puts me at ease the moment I walk in. I highly recommend him!

Cole (Los Angeles) Rick is an amazing masseur giving me the massage I have been searching for. His technique and pressure was absolutely perfect and he continually checked in with me as to how I felt. He also played fantastic music, which for me all added up to perfection. I left feeling really good and today feel even better. He’s my new go-to-guy and I will be going back for his massage!

Chasity (California) Rick was extremely flexible as I called with a request for a same day appointment. He gave me thorough directions to his place uptown. He greeted me and was very professional, and allowed me privacy to shower before my massage. He asked if I had any pains or issues. The massage was wonderful. You can tell he is very experienced and knows how to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend calling Rick. I will be back on my next trip to the City. 

Todd (midtown) I have received many massages throughout my 50 years and Rick was one of the best, maybe even the best massage I have ever received. He knows what he is doing. His combination of massage techniques is amazing! I felt like at one time he was doing shiatsu on my feet while Swedish on my hamstrings both at the same time. It almost felt like I was having a four handed massage. It is amazing how he combines different massage modalities. I am very happy we met and I will definitely see him again.

Edward (Bed Stuy) Every time I go see Rick I’m reminded again of what an incredible masseur he is. The perfect combination of strength, experience and warmth. Great massage. Relaxing room with a very comfortable table. Don’t miss out! The best I’ve had in years!

Carolyn (Westchester) From the moment I entered his home, Rick was warm, personable and professional; he took time to understand my problem areas before beginning the massage. I requested a sports massage with some stretching. My experience felt unrushed and he gave me a great professional therapeutic massage. I will definitely recommend Rick to anyone and I look forward to seeing him again.

James (Upper West Side) I have wanted to book a massage with Rick for well over a year and our schedules just never matched so I was very excited and happy to be able to book this 90 minute massage. My back was out of alignment and I have other aches and pains when I went in. The massage was the perfect pressure and Rick checked back often to determine it was still suitable. He was warm and friendly and his big hands made me feel I was being taken care of and safe. He was thorough and I left feeling much better and totally satisfied. I will be booking another massage soon.

Carlo (West Village) This was my second massage with Rick and I was even more pleased this time than the first since I had a better sense of what to expect. Rick is professional and very well trained. He communicates well and often to make sure the pressure is appropriate and that he is addressing the areas of most concern. I feel totally at ease with Rick and can relax in his strong capable hands. His selection of music although very eclectic is quite enjoyable and often times suitable for his massage. I will definitely be back for more. Highly recommended.

Ralph (South Africa) Rick is a master & his large strong hands are magical. I was transported to a different world & felt wonderful during and afterwards. It is great to abandon yourself to someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had – definitely to be repeated on my next visit to New York.

Nyesha (Harlem): You know its said that the third time is a charm…well in my case my first massage was AMAZING. I was nervous and really did not know what to expect, however Rick was informative, kind, patient and quick-witted. I had an hour-long massage and I was very pleased. I have never been a fan of massages mind you I had never had one but I am now drinking …no gulping down the kool-aid. I left feeling relaxed and revived. I plan on recommending everyone I know. Thanks, Rick!

Diana (UES) : Really an excellent session this afternoon, thank you very much. You have great skills and a great touch. You’ve always been my massage therapist of choice. I appreciate your intuitive skills as much as your technical ones. 

Craig MD (Midtown) Thanks for the excellent work. I am extremely impressed with your skills; the massage was fantastic. You have not only the very rare skill of “listening” to another person’s body through your hands, but the ability to translate what you “hear” into extremely effective techniques, adjustments and maneuvers. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Jacqueline (Midtown) As long as Rick is around, I don’t need any other massage therapist. I’ve broken a lot of eggs to find a good one. Others may have a good combination of quality and/or price…. some have interesting techniques…. But none provide as complete and caring of an experience on every level (quality, technique, price) that Rick does. 

Gregg (UWS) One really has a pretty amazing experience with Rick. I had to follow up quickly with a second appointment to try it again. He has put a lot of thought into his massage as well as muscle. He varies the temperatures, textures, music, and scents. You enter his world and come out a believer. Don’t miss this. He really knows what he is doing.

Trina (Bronx) The massage was amazing. He seemed to know just when to go deeper and when to lighten up. He is quiet and a gentleman which only added to the experience. My words cannot describe the experience well enough. He’s a keeper.

Evan (Long Island) Thanx for another great session…. you are the best at your trade…….. definitely. I have tried so many others … However, Dr. Rick is the Master Massage Therapist, hands down 

Anthony (Columbia Univ) – I had never had a real massage before coming to Rick, but I was having some problems in my neck and back from stress at work. I was really kind of nervous and had a hard time relaxing at first, but I am so thankful that I went and have gone back several times. Rick is intuitive, patient, strong, and professional. He really put me at ease, which was no small task. His studio is clean and comfortable, and the music and scented candles help relieve the tensions of the day. Always attentive, Rick is just a good guy that really makes massage therapy an art. I would highly recommend him and will keep going back.

Paula (Columbia University) Hi Rick, I wanted to let you know what an incredibly terrific massage I had with you last week. You’re a wonderfully gifted therapist. It was a memorable sesssion, one of the best I’ve ever had. I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. 

Valene – (East New York) I am a rather experienced massage recipient and have tried quite a few different massage therapists in the city. Rick is absolutely top notch!!! I have seen him four times now and every time has been absolutely great. He works from his apartment, which is a quick subway ride from my job on the 2 or 3 from midtown. Rick is a handsome guy with a very caring attitude. Rick keeps checking in with me to see whether the pressure he applies is right but otherwise each time creates a unique and intense massage experience that incorporates a broad variety of skillfully combined techniques. I like very long sweeping strokes and deep tissue (I am a dancer) massage with stretching and that’s what I get from him. However, Rick contrasts his strong and deep strokes with feather like tenderness. Only a very few guys seem to be able to lift massage therapy to the level of an artistic performance, and Rick is one of them. He seems to be able to “read” my body, intuitively gets what I need. To top the outstanding quality of his massage, his pricing is incredibly competitive. Rick is a must-go-to for any massage connoisseur!!!

Scott (UWS) I have studied massage and can instantly tell the difference between someone who instinctively knows what he’s doing and someone who doesn’t. Rick’s intuition, his nurturing touch, and the soothing environment he creates are unique. The entire experience was the first truly relaxing, transformative massage I’ve had in a long time. I will be back. 

Arial – (UES) It was awesome. I cant wait to have another. I felt like so relaxed. Your hands are great .

Nirvana (UES) The massage was nothing short of spectacular.  When he starts massaging you, you go into your own world.  You go from stressed to relaxed in a matter of one massage touch.  Highly recommended by me, a newbie to this massage therapy.  NOW I CAN FOCUS FOR MY STUDYING AND MY TESTS TOMORROW.  You will see me again Rick.  thanks.

Jake (UWS) Rick has a strong touch and a knowledge of what a body needs. I left feeling rejuvenated and drained of all my tension. A definite must. This guy could be addictive.

PN (Queens) I’ve been having massages regularly for years–all over the world, in fact. Rick is wonderful. He’s attentive, thorough and makes the body feel great after a long day or a long week by hitting all the spots. He’s worth every penny and more. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Steve (UES) I feel great! Thanks again.!! One of the best massages I have ever had (and I’ve had hundreds). Looking forward to another in a few weeks… 

Karla (Village) Being a Dancer is hard work on my entire body and I never stretch the way I should. However, you made me feel so much better after and I was able to kick my leg up to the sky again. Your stretching techniques really work and I feel brand new when you are finished. I have to come back to you and refer others.

Chris (Harlem) Feeling great. You have strong hands! Perfection

Will (Harlem) The thing about Rick is he made me feel so comfortable and safe. He really seems to care. I haven’t had that kind of an experience with many of the massage therapists I have gone to. I think I really learned something about my body from this experience.

E.L. (Yonkers) This massage was the most stress releasing and therapeutic massage I have ever had. I definitely recommend one. His technique is all body encompassing, from the head down to the toes. I will definitely come back to get another massage very soon.

Michelle (Bronx) Thanks a lot for an amazing massage…. You have hands of a god………….. Keep an open session for me.

Alicia (Westchester) I have seen Rick a few times now and he just keeps getting better. It is one of the best I ever had. He knows the body. He defintiely knows what he is doing. It also does not hurt that he is sexy as hell. Do yourself a favor! Book him now! You will be glad you did. Nice!

John (Houston) I recently got an email with the subject line “Rick – good masseur?” I don’t think “good” is a good description. It was by far the BEST massage I have ever had. I am a muscular dude so I need deep tissue massage, Rick’s hands are very strong and it was right on point. I’ll definitely see him again next time I am in NYC.

D’ (Harlem): It was amazing, honestly amazing! I wish I could come everyday and get one.

Minetta (UES): I’ve been going to Rick for massage for a couple of years now and plan on keeping him for a long time as my masseur. In addition to giving an excellent massage (it can be strong and deep when it needs to be), Rick’s a cool, good looking guy. He’s always bringing new techniques to his work and he’s definitely priced to make it affordable.

Matt (Model, Midtown): I have had a lot of massages and I can say that Rick’s the best

Andrea (UWS): I am tempted to be selfish and write a bad review. Then the whole world wouldn’t discover how utterly amazing Rick is…. but I won’t. It wouldn’t be fair to Rick!!
This is the possibly the best massage you will ever have. No bullshit. The best! This is not just a massage, it is a healing mind and body journey.

Danielle (UWS): This is one of the best massages I have encountered. Intutitive and confident, I am always satisfied. The apartment is always warm and relaxing. The massage proceeds with long, deep strokes that root out tension and usher in a sense of well-being and utter relaxation. Each time I get massaged there is always a new variation that might include stretching, steady pressure, or other technique. The use of warm towel wrapping gives the sense of a gentle cocoon and relaxes every last kink from the system. Once completely relaxed, the touch stimulates every nerve to the ultimate release of stress and tesion. I have had a lot of massages from “day spas” and “professional bodyworkers”. No question, this massage/bodywork beats them all for the techniques, the release of tension and the price.

Charlene (Queens) I never had a massage done before and when I decided to try one, I came to the right place. Rick is excellent with his hands. He uses a strong yet gentle motion to your muscles that makes you leave your body. That’s how I felt. I really recommend anyone to try him. You will not regret it. I didn’t.

Will (Harlem): Finally I get it!!! As a personal trainer you always hear people talking about how much they need a massage and how good their last massage was. Meanwhile every message I’ve ever had was either too weak or too strong and often times just too rudimentary. However, it was different with Rick. He instinctively knew how to touch me, where to touch me and how much pressure to apply. He used techniques that I have never seen another massage therapist use… Particularly stretching my hip flexors and adductors. It feels great. Finally I get it and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for it — You the man Rick!!

Luisa (Chicago) EXCELLENT! This was a wonderful massage by a handsome man. I travel and have been served by over 100 massage therapists. The set up with table and warm towels was clean. A perfect combination of true massage and skill was an experience that places Rick in my top 5! Just have faith and go for this one! My regrest is I live in Chicago and he is not accessible to me regularly!

AK (Long Island) I really enjoyed it. I’ve had many professional massages and yours was the best. I never experienced warm towels used the way they you did. It felt great.

Jamina (Harlem): Rick is a great find. I have had massages all over the city at different spa’s, but Rick has the magic touch. And most of all Rick really cares that you are a satisfied customer.

Durrell (Atlanta) The moment he put his hands on my body I knew this guy knew exactly what he was doing. The perfect massage. Being an athlete, I like skillful bodywork and Rick delivered. I say, the perfect massage because Rick is that unique and wonderful blend of skill, training and sensitivity. Rick’s work is amazing! He will be the guy I go to now every time I’m in NYC. He is absolutely off the charts.

Tony (S. Bronx) AMAZING!! That’s the best word I can come up with to try to describe the massage I received from Rick. His massage suite is perfectly balanced for giving the optimum massage. His attentiveness to my needs made me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered. His massage was like no other I’ve ever experienced – he didn’t just go through the motions like some therapists, but instead used his hands to “listen” to my body and what it needed. Under his magical, healing touch I turned to putty and seemed to melt into his extremely comfortable table. I can’t recommend him more strongly – I know I’ll be scheduling another appointment with him very soon! 

Daphne (UWS): Harlem Massage is by far one of the best masseurs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I have returned to him many times. His techniques include firm, deep strokes and stretching of those aching muscles. He sets the mood with a great selection of music and lighting. Some of the techniques are feel incredible. Rick is a great guy who truly enjoys his work. One of the best massages at one of the most reasonable rates! Try him! 

Marcia (Midtown): I can definitely admit that I was amazed at the clean set up and procedures. — As far as affordabilty$$ — you cant beat Rick. Rick’s a well built dude with stong but gentle hands… so if your muscles are tense and u need em relief – I recommend Rick. 

Kia (Bronx) I’ve had a few massages in my lifetime, but Rick has been the best masseurs of them all. He’s the only one I keep coming back to, and he works wonders. You feel re-energized, and ready to take on the world after one of his sessions. And for the excellent service, the price is extraordinary. Recommend your friends and family, you will not be dissapointed! 

Reesi (Harlem) : Rick is great, you will feel like a million when his fingers have worked their magic on your entire body. To quote a song; just … “Free your mind, and your ass will follow,” you will feel as though you can conquer the world afterwards. 

Jovena (UWS): I have had numerous massages……..all kinds, but only found one that I really connected with. A theraputic massage or relaxation massage can be fine with almost anyone, but I prefer finding someone who takes the time to show interest in me during the massage, and this is Rick. He is the best!. 

Diana (UWS) Rick is an excellent therapist! I am a massage connoisseur and am always pleasantly surprised when a therapist exceeds my expectations. He does. Rick has strength, a good effleurage technique, and a very charming personality. He is not hard on the eyes either ? Do not hesitate giving him an opportunity.

Jay (New Rochelle): You held it down! That was an excellent massage. I’m glad that I took the trip. Soft but strong hands.. good technique [especially when handling limbs during the stretch routine]… good application of efflerage and maintaining contact with my body while oiling up.. I really enjoyed the contrast of slow and steady with immediate outbirsts of rapid strokes. Overall…great job and I’ll definetely be back. 

Marta (Bronx): I’ve only had a few massages in my lifetime. However, when I got a massage from Rick… it was a great experience. If you havent had one.. you need to try it… it’s very affordable and an unforgetable expericence. 

Jayla (Long Island) I feel wonderful. My shoulders feel a whole lot better. EVERYTHING about the massage was great. I like the “build up” of all the senses. You got a great touch. You kept building the momentum. I look forward to the next time. And I def plan to mention you to folks. Already have. Yo… was nice. real nice. I’m gonna have to move to Harlem.

Brian (Mt Vernon) I met Rick a couple of years ago for the first time but did not continue with him because I had a regular masseur who I had been seeing for several years. My regular therapist recently retired so I decided to call Rick again to see if he was as good as I had remembered. I have been seeing him weekly ever since. All of the elements of the business which are important to me are done effortlessly and beautifully by this talented man. Rick is astute / professional / discreet / handsome / talented / gifted / empathic / sincere / and the adjectives go on. This is the real deal. I have had massages everywhere and Rick’s work is the BEST. He is strong and intuitive and gentle. My week is not complete without seeing him. See him for real professional work. Rick is my masseur for life. 

Gena (UES) Rick is very intuitive in his application of massage. He knows exactly where imbalance is, and how to correct it. His friendly demmenor quickly puts you at ease. He is firm yet gentle, and very diverse/creative in performing massage. The experience left me walking on a cloud for days after. I remember feeling very centered, and full of positive energy after the massage. The effects are long-lasting. Rick is also goodloking, and athletic.

Brianna (UWS) From the moment the massage starts, one feels like you’re in good hands. To put you at ease, the massage begins with a very gentle, almost feathery touch that makes your body come alive. He then begins to adjust the power of the strokes, careful that you are feeling comfortable. Making you feel completely at ease, you surrender to the touch as he thoroughly works your entire body. It’s a great hour for your body and very reasonable. You will leave feeling taken care of.

Dominique (Bronx) The massage was the best I have ever had. Rick took me places I have never been. I am more relaxed today than I have been in a very long time. He did things to my body that it needed and longed for. Thank you sharing yourself me with. It was truly a experience of a life time. I can’t wait to have it again.

Alturo (Bronx) Rick gives a terrific professional massage and adjusted his pressure so that it was just right for me. His every movement was completely purposeful and worked my muscles so they were relaxed. Don’t be fooled by Rick’s affordable price as he gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and you would be missing out on a great experience if you pass him by. I felt like I was floating on air on my walk home after the massage. I’ll definitely book another appointment soon. 

Daren (Massage Therapist in Harlem): Rick will give you a great thorough body massage. He does excellent deep tissue which is what I always look for in a massage. His stretching of the back muscle at the beginning is a great introduction of his strength. The leg stretching was excellent. I felt like a new man. It was the best massage I ever have had, and I have had many. His rate is extremely reasonable for the work he does. Try it, you won’t regret it, and you will go back.

Jackson (Battery Park City) I was a bit apprehensive about traveling uptown (you know how us downtown folk can be, lol) but his spot is so close to the train exit on the express 2 or 3 train, it only took 20 min from all the way down town! Rick’s massage was just what I needed. I was in another zone for the hour and drifted off to sleep as he worked on my legs and feet. I’ll definitely be back more regularly. If you also want a great, legit massage, Rick is the guy for you!!

Stacy (W. Village) Rick is wonderful. This was my first massage with him. He will touch every part of your body from head to toe, and work out all those kinks that you’ve needed taking care of. And above all, he’s a really nice guy.

Burnell (Brooklyn) In a city filled with many talented therispts, Rick is a SHINING STAR. As soon as i got on the table, i knew this was going to be special.His warm talented hands glided over my body with various degrees of pressure,asking me throughout the massage if everything was ok.He even did some stretching which i really enjoyed. The 90 minutes went by toooo fast, I will certainly be a regular customer. 

Chandra (UES) Rick is an excellent massage therapist. He senses the right amount of pressure to apply to each area and literally massages from head to toe. He’s got a nice apartment. I’ve had 3 massages with Rick and each was better than the last. He’s a quality guy who gives a quality massage.

Diane (Riverdale) This guy gives a great massage. INTUITIVE, PROFESSIONAL, MASCULINE, AND SEXY. Quick response from phone call. Rick’s place is easy to get to. Set-up was very professional and clean. Comfortable table and great music. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalized. Well worth the money.

Gina (Brooklyn) I just had my fourth session with Rick; he is by far the best massage therapist I’ve been to. His total focus is on you, his energy is amazing, and his hands are magical! His friendly, sincere, caring manner and engaging personality make for a consistently great experience. He is truly professional, always delivering his best. If you are looking for a massage from a man who is obviously well trained, yet possess great natural talent and a caring attitude, Rick is the one. He is a trustworthy, talented, handsome, massage therapist who I can recommend to you without reservation. I look forward to my next massage!

J’aiquan (Bronx) I’ve had several massages from Rick and am finally getting around to writing a review. Let me just start by saying he gives one hell of a massage! He knows what he is doing and has the perfect mix of therapeutic and relaxation techniques that soothe and invigorate all at the same time. I have tried many other masseur’s in NYC as well as a lot of other places throughout the country, and it doesn’t really get better than this! He truly works every inch of your body from head to toe, taking care of the tension and stress, and working out the knots. I’ve paid more for massages and gotten way less, so I find his fee to be reasonable too. Thanks Rick! 

Dailia (Queens) I booked an hour session with Rick, but once he placed his hands on me, I asked if he could do 90 minutes and luckily, he could. The entire experience was so much more than I could have imagined – he seemed to know all the right spots that had been causing some pain. Being new to NYC and all the stress that goes along with a big move, I can honestly say Rick’s massage was the first time since being in NYC that I was completely calm and relaxed. I would strongly recomend him to anyone who wants the best available massage in a calming atmosphere.

Simeonna (Harlem): Rick is the greatest. He definantly knows where the tension is at and knows how to conquer it. He goes with the natural rythms of your body. He is always on point and his hands know what they are doing as if they have a mind of their own. He is affordable and understanding. He is definantly the STRESS releaser. Hit him up. U wont be dissapointed.

Edwina (Astoria) Great experience. Rick is a wonderful therapist. I found him very warm,friendly and hot. The massage was very therapuetic. He really knows the body and is very aware of trigger points. He has magical hands! I highly recommend him and will definitely be back.

Dave (Bushwick, Brooklyn): I am a regular customer . His techniques are strong, refreshing and on point. The massage is well worth the price. The atmosphere and ambience is clean and relaxed. You leave wanting to return almost immediately. That’s how good I feel when i have a massage done by Rick.

Durana (W. Village): Best massage ever. Never going to anybody else. Highly recommended.